Our Services

Industrial Solutions

We offer Factory / Process Automation Solutions, IIOT, Machine conditioning & monitoring.

Our diverse range of available services in Industrial Automation:

  • Software Development services for Siemens / Rockwell Systems.
  • Engineering and Commissioning of new or revamping of existing system.
  • Data Logging and Reports.
  • Breakdown services and Annual maintenance contract.
  • Electrical drawings E Plan / AutoCAD.
  • Typical IIOT4.0 services and support.

Process Automation

Our Process Automation capabilties covers diverse industry such as Food & Brewage [Bravery / Distillery / Veg Oil refinery / Dryers / etc, Water and Waste Water Treatment, Sand Plant, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Utility [ Boiler / Chiller / AHU / etc.], Gas and Renewable Energy.

We offer wide range of Process Automation solutions, With Hot standby / Failsafe and standalone systems.

  • DCS:Distributed Control System
  • PLC:Programmable Logic controller
  • ESD:Safety system emergency shutdown system up to SIL3
  • SCADA(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), Server Client applications Report generation in Excel format for process / Batching systems.

Factory Automation

Our Factory Automation capabilties covers Special purpose machines, Conveyors and Assembly lines, ASRS systems, Axis control Systems.

We offer wide range of Factory Automation solutions, With Hot standby / Failsafe and standalone systems.

  • PLC and HMI’s cost effective / optimised solutions.
  • Drives for different applications.
  • Axis Control with Stepper motor /Servo controller
  • ESD: Safety system emergency shutdown system up to SIL3
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) System for monitoring and controlling we offer customize solution to our Client
  • Report and Recipe generation in Excel format for different types of Jobs.

Electrical Engineering

Our Electrical Engineering solutions include:

  • Engineering & Design:Power System studies, Design Verification, Single line diagram (SLD), Switch gear design, Protection system design and study. Busbar sizing calculations, lighting calculation, load analysis, Relay and cable calculations, Earthing Calculations, load calculations. Control panel e-plan drawings.
  • Electrical equipment:Transformer, DG, APFC, UPS, Battery sizing & battery charger sizing, Electrical Switchgear design MCC, Distribution panels.
  • Layouts: All electrical equipment Layouts, Earthing layout, Cable Route layout, Hook up & installation drawings ,Electrical Panel layout
  • Field Instruments:Industrial sensors, Actuators, Position Encoders, RFID, Optical Sensors with Engineering and installation services.

Manufacturing, Installation Services

Our Manufacturing, Installation Services include:

  • Electrical and Automation System: PLC, VFD MCC and IMCC Control Panels, Automation Console
  • Electrical and Automation System Installation: Cable Tray and Cable laying with Termination, LT cable and Instrumentation cable, Instrument and support fabrication

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT )

We have strong experience in Industrial Automation (Process Industry Factory Automation), Field Instruments, Networking Machine Data Analysis Data Mining.

It helps client to improve the performance of machine increase the production Also helps to reduce the maintenance cost, troubleshooting software(PLC HMI SCADA) remotely, reduces machine’s breakdown time, check performance of machine, access the machine status data at any time from anywhere, live camera access for Field Plant surveillance.

  • Secure Remote Access
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data logging and retrieval
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Local Dashboard
  • OPC UA Support